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WHO ARE WE? Since we started our business on February 2018, the main goal has been to provide loan originators a 1099 work setting where they could bring their entrepreneurship spirit and take full control of their destiny by working on their own schedule and deciding how much money they want to make with no ceiling at the top limiting their potential. At the beginning we started the right way and different to other companies, we are sticking with it, come and work with us where you will get a stable work enviroment and an honest and sustainable compenstion split.

This is the invitation we are extending to all loan originators. Come and see what we have to offer, some companies have decided to go 100% but, in the long run, that will not be prodductive and beneficial to the future of the career of the loan originators. We prefer experience loan originators but,  If you are not seasoned enough and you feel that you want to take the challenge, you can try it for three months to see if this will be the setting where you will be able to grow. There are Hopeful Loan Originators and there are those who Make Things Happen; which one is you? You Decide.

There is only one way to make this possible and we can make this possible only by lowering our overhead to the minimum, we are adopting and adapting to the new Work from Home trend which has grown in popularity in the last few years. Allowing everyone work from home gives us the flexibility to be able to pass the saving to you the originators translated in bigger compensation split.

Can you picture yourself just like the person in the picture? Even though money does not make any one happier, the saying is true about how it helps to a more balanced life. Since day one, our number one goal in mind has been to help our originators succeed. Take action today!



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